There will be two exams: MidTerm and a Final Exam. All Mid-Term exams are tentatively scheduled on October 3 to 8. Final exams are tentatively scheduled on first week of December. The exams will test your practical knowledge on developing, simulating a circuit asked or given to you.


There will be atleast 9 experiments. The students involvement and completion of the experiments will be judged. Once completed, the student will demonstrate the experiment to the instructor or lab-incharge. The instructor may ask to modify the experiment accordingly and will expect a clear justification on the behavior of the modified circuit to give points.

Lab reports and assignments

Students with their lab patners will write lab reports which will include only plots of the experiments performed in the lab. The lab reports will be graded on the presentation of the data. Students are encouraged to use either Matlab, gnuplot, Libreoffice or MS Excel softwares to plot the data. Incomplete data with no legends, labels will be rejected.

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