How to write your lab reports


  • Make sure your submission is a PDF. Other formats are not accepted.
  • Rename your submission to your rollnumber. For example, my submission would be IMT2015524.pdf.
  • Use MS Word. Other editors change the styling of the document (Especially the one that comes with Ubuntu).


Available here

  • The heading should be Basic Electronics Lab.
  • Subheading is the Lab number.
  • Make sure to include your and your labpartner's details in the header.


header example


  • The experimnet heading
  • Any notes you might want to add (optional)
  • Circuit (if required)
  • Graph


Content example


  • Use gnuplot.
  • The graph and the answer heading should be in the same page.
  • Should be vertically centered on the page.
  • Should contain X and Y numerical values on the axes, not in the middle of the plot.
  • The values should not be in exponential (X*e^Y) form.
  • The labels for X and Y should be on the axes, not in the graph legend. The legend is to indicate the meaning of the line, not the units.
  • The label for X and Y should contain the correct units for the plot.


  • Minimise the number of colours you use in the pdf, except for graphs.
  • Keep your report clean and readable.
  • Don't add unnecessary images or content.
  • A simple report like this should do just fine.
  • If you're gonna add unnecessary images or content, go full overboard. Like this or this.
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