'cmon, you know what a resistor is. But here is a quick guide to find out their value.


BB. ROY from Great Britain has a Very Good Wife who likes Gold and Silver

Good to know, but what's great to know is, this is the table for calculating resistor values!

Colour Digit Multiplier
Black 0 10^0
Brown 1 10^1
Red 2 10^2
Orange 3 10^3
Yellow 4 10^4
Green 5 10^5
Blue 6 10^6
Violet 7 10^7
Grey 8 10^8
White 9 10^9

Gold is 5% tolerance, and Silver is 10% tolerance.

While reading your resistor, place the Gold or Silver band to the right and read from left to right. So a Blue-Yellow-Orange-Gold would be 64 kΩ with a tolerance of +/- 5%.

This is great and all, but I know you're lazy and you're not learning this today. So here's the link to a graphical resistance calculator: Link

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